Can You Lease a Used Car?

lease used car

Usually part of a certified pre-owned program, and excluding the Ford, Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GMC brands, used vehicle leasing isn’t common – but some dealerships like Carolina Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram do offer the option in the Camden area. Interested in leasing a used car, such as a used Jeep Grand Cherokee? Let’s go over some of the most important information you need to know before you take the leap.

Used Car Leasing Facts

When leasing, smart shoppers are usually seeking lower monthly payments, and the freedom a lease typically affords. If these keys match yours, ask the following questions before going to lease a used car:

  • Which Used Cars Can Be Leased? – It’s a good move to contact us first to see what pricing is like, keeping in mind that most used car leases are only offered for certified pre-owned vehicles, and a lot of used lease prices aren’t advertised.
  • Is It Worth Leasing Used Over New? – Even if you’re leasing used, you still need to return the vehicle after the term is up, and meet mileage limits. However, a used car lease will usually cost less than new car monthly lease payments, and offer many of the same benefits.
  • Can I Buy a Used Car After I Lease? – Buying a used car obviously results in less residual value when the driver sells it than with a new car. But if a dealership offers used car leases, chances are you’ll be able to purchase the car after the lease is up.
  • How Much Will Insurance Cost? – The value of the vehicle you drive influences how much insurance will cost. So you’ll be glad to know you might pay less per month for insurance with a CPO lease.
  • What Is the Warranty Coverage? – Maintenance costs can be higher for a certified pre-owned car than a new car, but they often include an extended warranty for many important components.

Learn More About Leasing

Stop by Carolina Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today, and let’s talk specifics about the used vehicles that work for you, or address options like gap insurance. We serve drivers from Hertford to Edenton and beyond, and that includes leasing, along with teaching maintenance basics like how to properly jump start a car. We can also help you trade in a financed car, even if you’re under water!

Questions? Feel free to stop by our showroom to meet our knowledgeable salespeople, friendly finance experts, and expert service technicians. We’re here when you’re ready to learn more.

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