8 Used Car Warning Signs To Look For Before Buying

December 27th, 2019 by

You want to make sure you get a car that lasts, right? Who wants to go through the process of shopping for a used car only to find out that they’ve ended up with a clunker? No one! Well, our team at Carolina Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is here to lend their expertise. We have put together a list of the top warning signs to look for in used cars that could indicate there’s a problem.

What to lookout for in a pre-owned car

  • Sign #1: Mismatched paint or body panels

Do you notice that any of the used car’s body panels don’t match-up perfectly? Or maybe that some of the vehicle’s paint doesn’t match the rest of the vehicle? This could be a sign that the vehicle was in an accident and has been repaired. Make sure to check out the Elizabeth City vehicle history report because this could drastically decrease the resale value of this vehicle.

  • Sign #2: There is fluid leaking under the car

Check and see if there is any fluid leaking out from the vehicle. If you notice anything, ask the vehicle’s owner about it. Make sure to get the vehicle inspected by a mechanic if you are interested in purchasing a vehicle with this issue.

  • Sign #3:  Musky smell

Does the Elizabeth City car smell like mildew? This can be caused by someone forgetting to roll up a window during a rainstorm. Regardless, this smell can be very hard to get out of a vehicle. Make sure that this smell is something you can live with if you are unable to get it out in the future.

  • Sign #4:  The car’s airbag warning light is on

Is the car’s airbag warning light on? This could be a sign that the vehicle has been in a collision and the new airbag was not properly reinstalled. A car with faulty airbags can put you and your passengers in serious danger.

  • Sign #5:  Vehicle is turned on when you arrive

If the Elizabeth City used car you’re looking at is turned on before you arrive, make sure to turn it off and back on yourself. You want to make sure that the vehicle doesn’t have any issues starting up.

  • Sign #6:  Signs of rust

If you see any rust on the Elizabeth City vehicle, this could be a bad sign. Rust is something that isn’t cheap to fix, so fixing this in the future could be very costly.

  • Sign #7:  Odometer mileage doesn’t match the vehicle history report

Verify that the mileage on the odometer is close to the one of the vehicle history report.

  • Sign #8:  The check engine light doesn’t turn on when you start the car

If you don’t see the check engine light turn on for a few seconds when you start your vehicle, there could be serious issues.

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